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b. 1994

Although recognisable, the figures present in Derviz's works are mined from the subconscious. The Wise Young Girl series continues the artist's investigations into unspoken behaviours and the human psyche. Beginning with a research process involving the careful collection of source material, Derviz is interested in abstracting such information through the physical act of painting. 'There is a difference between conceiving and realising a painting because, in the end, a painting is not an idea,' she once noted, describing her intuitive approach. In this vein, her paintings - that evoke notions of isolation and abandonment - are worked and re-worked; their final appearance connecting images with sensations and memories.




 2014 - 2018

BA Fine Art, Slade School of Fine Art, UCL


Foundation Diploma, Central Saint Martins


UCL Dean’s List, 2018

Stanbury Prize, 2018
UCL Art Museum Award, 2017



The eyes have all the seeming, of a demon's that is dreaming, curated by Sa-Yori Radda, Daniel Benjamin Gallery, London

Solo show

Daniel Benjamin Gallery, 68 Compton Street, EC1V 0BN, London

21 September – 29 October, 2022

Tomorrow's Woman, Natasha Arselan Gallery via Artsy

An exhibition of works by Genevieve Cohn, Rebecca Harper, Lauryn Levett, Riikka Sormunen, Grace Bromley, Tirtzah Bassel, Rhiannon Salisbury, Ellen Akimoto, Sonya Derviz, Alexi Marshall, Florine Imo, Paige Perkins, Natasha Wright,

Emma Hapner, Emeli Theander

20th June - 20th August 2022

Inside Out, The Artist Room, London

An exhibition of works by Sophie Mei Birkin, Max Boyla, Sonya Derviz, Antoine Leisure, Kin-Ting Li,

Ding Shilun and Scott Young

The Artist Room, 76 Brewer Street, W1F 9TX, London

10th March - 2nd April 2022​

First Light, organised by Hector Campbell, Collective Ending, London

An exhibition of works by Lewis Brander and Sonya Derviz,

Collective Ending HQ, 3 Creekside, SE8 4SA, London

19th February - 19th March, 2022

Pathways on Paper, South Parade, London

A group exhibition of works on paper in aid of Maggie’s - 'everyone’s home of cancer care'

South Parade, Enclave 9, 50 Resolution Way, SE 4AL, London

27th January - 28th February, 2022


It Seems So Long Ago, Matthew Brown, Los Angeles, 2020

An exhibition of works by Ann Greene Kelly, Dan Herschlein, Heidi Hahn, Kent O’Connor, Maja Ruznic, Patricia Ayres,

Sonya Derviz and Waldemar Zimbelmann

633 North La Brea Ave, Suite 101, 90036, Los Angeles

9th July - 1st August, 2020



Minimal | Maximal, What's Up London by Lawrence Van Hagen, London

An exhibition of works by Johnny Abrahams, Gabriele Adomaityte, Carl Andre, Tom Anholt, Stefan Bruggemann, Daniel Buren, Ha Chong-hyun, George Condo, Mary Corse, Dadamaino, Sonya Derviz, Do Ho Sun, Anna Fasshauer, Dan Flavin, Dorian Gaudin, Yann Gerstberger, Sam Gilliam, Simon Hantai, Robert Irvin, Tarik Kiswanson, Franz Kline, Alicja Kwade, Mimi Lauter, Martin Leonard, Beth Letain, Enrique Martinez Celaya, Robert Morris, Olivier Mosset, Sam Moyer, Frank Nitsche, Santiago Parra, Ian Wallace, Gary Webb and Stanley Whitney

22 Davies Street, W1K 3DE, London

1st - 19th October, 2019

Best New Now, Auc Art x Artsy

A group exhibition including a handpicked selection of works by AucArt’s most promising recent graduate artists

26th August - 9th September, 2019

'Parfum d'epines', Phillips x V.O Curations, Paris

An exhibition of works by Muriel Abadie, Jean-Marie Appriou, Robert Brambora, Claude Bellegarde, Sonya Derviz,

Daiga Grantina, Oda Jaune, Victor Man and Pedro Wirz

Phillips, 46 rue du Bac, 75007, Paris

23rd May - 21st July, 2019

'Just as when the night', Light Eye Mind, London

An exhibition of works by Sonya Derviz, Kin-Ting Li and Mariann Metsis

Light Eye Mind, 176 Blackstock Road, N5 1HA, London

29th - 30th June, 2019



Pas De Corps, V.O Curations, London

Solo show

Organised by V.O Curations with the support of Outset Contemporary Art Fund

93 Baker Street, W1U 6QQ, London

5th - 18th August, 2018

'Not another degree show', organised by Alex Vardaxoglou for Kensington and Chelsea Art Weekend, London, 2018

An exhibition of works by Finlay Abbott Ellwood, Lewis Brander, Sonya Derviz, Jacob Littlejohn and Charlie Lockyer

237 Brompton Road, SW3 2ER, London

27th - 29th July, 2018

'Paintings by', group show organised by Alex Vardaxoglou, London

An exhibition of works by Finlay Abbott Ellwood, Lewis Brander, Sonya Derviz, Kin-Ting Li, Arthur Poujois,

Camilla Roma, Carlotta Roma and Io Worthington

237 Brompton Road, SW3 2ER, London

23rd - 26th July, 2018


‘Slade Show 2018’, Slade School of Fine Art, UCL, London

An exhibition of works by the graduating Slade BA/BFA students

18th - 24th May, 2018


'The composition has been reversed', UCL Art Museum, London

An exhibition of works by Sonya Derviz, Cyrus Hung, Eloise Lawson, Amanda Rice and Grace Richardson

UCL Art Museum, Wilkins Building, South Cloisters, Gower Street, WC1E 6BT, London
26 September - 18 December, 2017


‘Lemons, Okra and Goutweed’, Embassy Tea Gallery, London

An exhibition of works organised by Slade Students

205 Union St, London SE1 0LN

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‘Time to wake up yet’, print publication edited by Renyi NG and Catalina Arzani

The publication includes works by Isaac Lythgoe, Stefania Batoeva, Sophie Jung, Marsi Rex, etc.

Available via Cordova Gallery, Almanac Gallery, Jupiter Woods, Ex. Directory, Sorbs Gallery, XYZ Collective, etc., 2018

‘Discovery Channels’, Financial Times, 2018

 ‘2018’ print publication, published by Sonya Derviz and Harley Kuyck Cohen to coincide with the Slade Show 2018

The publication includes works and texts by Renyi NG, Sana Serkebaeva, Madeleine Pledge, Joe Highton, Kin-Ting Li, 2018



Instagram: @sonyaderviz

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